Planning an Anniversary Celebration Photo Session

Do you have a milestone anniversary event coming up soon? Have you ever considered a photo session to document this special day with your family and those closest to your heart?  

For Jean and Glenn's 20th Anniversary celebration, we did just that. This photo session celebrated 20 years of marriage and included the entire family, who were all invested in the love and happiness of their beloved parents. And, I made sure to capture and celebrate the Mama on her own for being the heartbeat of this amazing family.  

Here are some ideas and key elements for planning an anniversary celebration photoshoot:

  1. Details: Think about the details you would like to incorporate as part of the photoshoot—elements such as candles, flowers, rings, and signage props, etc.  
  2. Venue: Select a platform that the entire family can enjoy after the photo session, a place where the family can gather, have fun, and enjoy the grounds or go out to eat afterward. Does the venue have a restaurant on the property or a close nearby walk to a restaurant? Consider if the forum has colorful landscaping or exciting backgrounds for the photos. 

Lastly, keeping the photoshoot small, intimate, and stress-free is the goal.