Seniors What to Wear

This is the number one question I receive the majority of the time. My personal advice is to always wear what is comfortable for you that fits your personality and lifestyle. It's okay to break the rules, but here are some of my guidelines and recommendations:

• Pick a color that compliments the color of your eyes. For examples the hunter green or rose looks amazing with brown eyes. Google eye color - and find color matches for your eyes.

• If you do select a floral print choose a small print, otherwise it could be distracting in the photo.

• Choose fitted vs loose fitted clothes. Some loose fitting clothes can work. Material or fabric that accentuates the waistline are good options. An open neckline is also better for women. Consider long sleeves or half sleeves if you prefer covering up your arms.

• Men and women look best in sold colors vs checkered patterns. If you do wear a checkered or striped shirt consider throwing a sold color blazer or sweater on top.