Senior Portraits and What to Wear

What to wear is the number one question I receive for a photo session. My advice is to wear what is comfortable and what fits your personality and style. It's okay to break the following rules, but here are some guidelines: 

> Try to pick a color that compliments the color of your eyes. For example, hunter green or rose looks terrific with brown eyes. 

> If you do select a floral print, choose a small print; otherwise, it could be distracting in the photo.

> Choose fitted vs. loose-fitting clothing to help create shape and to accentuate the waistline. An open neckline is better vs. hiding the neckline with a scarf etc. Consider long sleeves or half sleeves if you'd like to cover your arms.

> Men and women also look best in sold colors vs. checkered patterns. If you wear a checked or striped shirt, consider throwing a sold shade (blazer or sweater) on top.